Session Work

Session Work

Jon-Sterckx Tabla & World Music Percussion Session Recording

Session Recording – Tabla & World Music Percussion

Indian Tabla, Egyptian Tabla ( Darbuka), Daf ( Frame Drums), Riq ( Egyptian Tambourine), Cajon, Udu, Tambourine, Woodblocks, Shakers, Mouth Harps & Vocal Percussion.

‘Remote’ or ‘online’ session recordings are also possible, saving travel time and costs. Remote Sessions are possible for producers and musicians anywhere in the world.

See below for details & examples of previous sessions.


Jon can be hired as as a session musician on the following instruments:

Indian Tabla, Egyptian Tabla ( Darbuka), Daf ( Frame Drums), Riq ( Egyptian Tambourine), Cajon, Udu, Djembe, Bougrabou, Tambourine, Woodblocks, Shakers, Kashaka / Asalatua, Mouth Harps & Vocal Percussion.

Also Roland Handsonic HPD15 Electronic hand percussion module – a large range of high quality percussion sounds which can be played on highly sensitive percussion pads giving a real feel performance – “…the ultimate World Music drum module…” (Sound On Sound product Review)

Sessions charged at Musicians Union recommended rates + travel expenses to your studio. Please contact if you are interested in booking a recording session.

Remote / Onlne Recording Sessions

This reduces the cost of recording sessions by removing the travel costs.

How it works:

You send rough mixes of your tracks as they stand with notes directing what you require – bit depth & sample rate (up to 32 bit 96000 hz), bpm, tuning etc.

Directions or suggestions of which instruments you’d like, general feel / mood that you’re aiming for etc.

You will receive mp3 files of a mix with the percussion for your approval. Once approved and payment received, the full quality tracks will be sent to you.

Professional microphones and recording equipment used. Jon’s Percussion on recordings marked with * below were recorded using this equipment.

Remote sessions also available to be booked through the Airgigs session recording platform –

Tabla & Percussion Online Recording Sessions

Previous recordings & session work includes:

Chris Glassfield – Congas & Percussion on ‘Havana Café’.
Taaliqa – Tabla & Percussion on ‘Taaliqa’ CD album.
Dhani – Tabla & Percussion on ‘Jumping Steps’ (EP).
Michael Bassett – Tabla on ‘Exchange’.
Samswara – Tabla on ‘Aheer Bhairav’ CD album.
Dhani – Tabla & Percussion on ‘Between Two’ CD album.
Taaliqa – Tabla & Percussion on ‘Matramaqam’ CD album.
Red Dirt – Tabla on ‘Bubble Gum’.
*Samswara – Tabla on ‘Kirvani Live’ CD album.
*Urban Sedated – Tabla on ‘Blind’.
Roots Union – Percussion on ‘From the Gutter to the Stars’ – session on 3 tracks.
*Jon Sterckx‘Drumscapes’ CD album.
*Audio Nomad – Percussion sessions on 3 tracks ( RPM Music, CD for Amnesty International) – listen
*Phil Henry & Hannah Martin – All percussion on the CD ‘Singing The Bones’.
*Jon Sterckx‘Sined’.
Man Ex Maqina – Vocals on ‘Cade seu Boi’.
*Arun Shenoy (Grammy nominated producer) – Tabla & Vocals on ‘Bliss’.
*Noah Silver – Tabla on ‘Bluenette’.
*Christopher Tin (2 time Grammy winning producer) – Tabla on ‘Devipravaha’ – on the album “The Drop that Contained the Sea” 2014. (Jon’s tabla on Devipravaha features alongside Roopa Mahadevan, the Angel City Chorale & The Royal Philarmonic Orchestra.)
*Keith Rovere – Daf & Percussion on ‘Stained Glass Cage’.
*Javier Marco – Tabla on ‘Rubber Soul’.
*Sthanluay Phletcher – Tabla & vocals on ‘Sleeping Giants’ (available here). Video link here
*Rod Chappell – Percussion on ‘Dreaming’.
*Solar Wolf – Tabla on ‘Love In The Underworld’.
*Sthanluay Phletcher – Tabla on ‘Carburettor’.
*We Write Music Ltd – Tabla & percussion recorded for “Six Small Wheels” animated film.
*Buffalo Huddleston – Tabla on ‘Don’t Worry Yourself’ – see video here.
Viren Chitroda / King Dumb– tabla & percussion on ‘Social Catalyst’
*Arun Shenoy – tabla & percussion on ‘Perfect Mistake’
*Solar Wolf – Tabla & percussion on ‘Age of Head Peace’*
*’Bollywood Percussion’ Sample Pack for the Bandlab Music Platform.
*Scrivvy – Tabla on ‘Horse To Troy’

Session recording example: Jon recorded the and played tabla & vocal percussion on this track for Grammy nominated producer Arun Shenoy.

Session recording example: Jon recorded and played the tabla on this track for 2 x Grammy Winning Composer Christopher Tin.

For more examples of Jon’s session recordings online Click Here

Comments / testimonials from previous work:

Jon has got to be the grooviest tabla player out there. A very nice guy who is easy to work with too. Only just started working with Jon, but see him being my go-to-percussionist for a very long time to come” – Arun Shenoy, GRAMMY nominated record producer.

“Jon Sterckx’s performance on this live performance video has had a significant creative influence on my new upcoming single “Bliss”. I had arranged the song quite differently over many months, but I think after watching this, I realized that if people don’t start grooving in the first minute, I probably lost them for the rest of the song. So started off a few more weeks of work. Jon has been credited for tablas, tabla bols (percussive vocals) and songwriting too for his incredible contribution.” – Arun Shenoy, GRAMMY nominated record producer.

“Jon was a delight to work with; impeccable timing and taste, with first rate knowledge of the traditions behind the instrument.”

Christopher Tin, 2 time GRAMMY Award winning composer / producer.

“Working with Jon has added a great deal to our album. Intuitively grasping our creative aims, he has used his extensive palate of percussive textures to great effect. We were not able to meet in person for the session, and it is testiment to Jon’s musical skill and sensitive adaptability to aesthetics that we are absolutely delighted with the results. Jon combines a wide ranging and unusual selection of instruments with complete professionalism in everything from quality of recorded sound to meeting deadlines and technical requirements. We very much look forward to working with him again.” – Phil Henry – UK Slide Guitarist. Winner of BBC Radio 2 Folk Music Award 2014.

“I just wanted to reach out and say thank you to you for being part of Bluenette and doing such a fantastic job. The part you laid down sounded excellent.” – Noah Silver – US songwriter (track produced by Arun Shenoy).

“It was a blessing to work with Jon on my new single. He sent me multiple tracks and some with multiple takes. Very easy to work with and I would recommend anyone who’s looking for percussion of any kind to hire him. His sense of rhythm and feel are spot on. I look forward to working him again in the near future” – Keith Rovere – Singer/Songwriter, USA.

“Jon is a true talent, whose dedication to the practice of percussion, along with his mastery of metre and smithery of sound, becomes ever more apparent when given the opportunity to work with him.” Dorian Meadows – Sthanluay Phletcher.

“Wonderful Jon…really wonderful. You’ve captured the feel beautifully!” – Rod Chappell.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Jon. Jon is very professional, technically outstanding and certainly has a great ear for music. I gave a rough idea of what I wanted for a tabla part and and what I received back far exceeded my expectations. I’m very happy with the results, so much so that there are a few projects I’m working on where I’m already thinking of ways to employ Jon’s skill again – he’s definitely the go to guy for world percussion!” – Mike Meinke. (

Very quick turnaround, very receptive to notes, very good results. He took my makeshift beatbox track and nailed what I was going for. Also, the files he sent over are crisp and solid sounding, definitely mic’d well and all. Would definitely use again if I had a need for tablas. Erinasaboy (Airgigs).

Jon is a great percussionist and very easy to work with. Beautiful tone and very precise playing. Makes everything so simple. Will definitely be working with him again in the future. Scrivvy (Airgigs).

Contact with any enquiries about world percussion session recording.

Indian Tabla, Egyptian Tabla (Darbuka), Daf (Frame Drums), Riq (Egyptian Tambourine), Cajon, Udu, Tambourine, Woodblocks, Shakers, Mouth Harps & Vocal Percussion.