Percussion tuition reviews

Percussion tuition reviews

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Testimonials from instrumental percussion tuition:

“Jon Sterckx has been teaching tabla to a group of students in Swindon, including myself and my son Niyam. The sessions are engaging and the teaching methods are such that one learns new notes and rhythms quickly, thus progressing rapidly. On the other hand, if individuals need more time, this is also addressed through correction and extra practise.
I would highly recommend Jon to individuals of any age who wish to learn the tabla or other percussion instruments he teaches. He is very talented and it is apparent during classes that he wishes to share his love of music” Narendra (student) Swindon.

“Jon has been my son Adithya’s Tabla teacher for close to 2 years now. In short, my son has been quite lucky to have a teacher like Jon to guide him in his learning of Tabla.
Jon is very good at demonstrating his immense skill and inspires students to learn and progress in the art.
He has got a very calm and reassuring demeanour which is especially helpful in the starting stages of a student’s journey. He is also very prompt and systematic in his approach.
I would recommend Jon to anyone interested in learning Tabla.” Kiran (student’s parent) Swindon.

“Jon has been tutoring my 3 children in tabla and Indian classical music for 6 months and I have already begun to see that they are confident in performing in front of their peers to a high standard. He has vast knowledge of the instrument and I would highly recommend him to anyone and everyone who is looking for a tabla teacher.” Leenu (parent).

“I enjoy learning from Jon as he is a very patient and knowledgeable teacher. He always helps us understand Indian classical music and it is really inspiring to be taught by such an accomplished person.” Jahoor (student)

“Jon’s tabla lessons are so interesting and learning from him is the best.” Nischay (student).

“I really enjoy the class. It’s really inspirational and interesting. Jon explains Tabla really well.” Naunidh (student).

“My son really enjoyed his sessions with Jon Sterckx, who managed to keep him interested and concentrating throughout – an achievement in itself!’ Alex (parent). Stroud.

“Clearly Jon Sterckx knows what he is doing. He teaches the tabla with clarity and is very keen on the rhythm of the instrument. He uses teaching tools such as kashakas to help you understand what rhythm is and also to keep your hands warmed up for the start of the lesson. Sterckx uses an easy to follow systematic approach to teaching the instrument and does all he can to aid the student in understanding the rhythm of the tabla. Fantastic teacher couldn’t have asked for better!” Eddie (student). Stroud.

“My son Toby had one-to-one lessons with Jon Sterckx for 2 years in which he learned the basic techniques of Indian tabla drumming. Having been introduced to Jon and his particular brand of Eastern percussion at group sessions at his school, Toby was soon hooked and asked to have individual lessons. Jon was a brilliant teacher in what is undoubtedly a very unusual and difficult percussion instrument. He was always very sensitive to Toby’s interests and level of engagement and capability. Occasionally they explored a little African drumming or Cas-Cas percussion to spice things up and Jon was fantastic example of a successful, practicing artist for Toby. We would highly recommend Jon for group teaching, individual lessons or as a performer!” Claudia (parent). Stroud.

“If anyone can keep my son’s concentration for an hour, they deserve an entry in the Guinness book of world records! Certainly Jon can but it is a shame he hasn’t got an entry yet. Apart from being a versatile percussionist, Jon has the unique ability of engaging with students, young and old alike, and get them interested in the instrument he is teaching. Not all talented people are good teachers. He started teaching us both tabla 3 years ago and he is still teaching my son while I dropped out over an year ago due to work commitments. Still I get some valuable tips from him every now and then. We’d like to thank Jon for his excellent communications, commitment and effort.” Madhana (parent). Stroud.

“Jon has been a real inspiration to our son. Sam is learning the tabla and has been making excellent progress, it has been lovely to see him so enthusiastic, and able so quickly to make a fantastic sound!” Ali (parent). Stroud.

“We found Mr Jon Sterckx, after searching online for a teacher to teach Indian percussion instrument, Tabla, for our son Sharan, who initially wanted a flavor of the instrument and as a run up to his GCSE music. Despite his busy schedule Jon kindly agreed to come into Sharan’s school and teach him personally each week, now Sharan’s skills and interest has increased multi-fold. Many thanks to Jon for his brilliant teaching skills, not only with playing the otherwise difficult percussion instrument, but also with creating appeal and passion to music. I can highly recommend Jon both as a teacher and a fine player of the classical Indian percussion instrument.” Dr. S. Kannan (parent). Gloucester.

“Jon has helped me a lot and been really supportive and kind. He has been my inspiration to drum and fuelled me into action.” Kai – student learning Djembe & Kashaka. Stroud.

“Jon is an amazing drummer and brings his experience and inspiration as a performer to his students. His is also a wise soul and has been very understanding and supportive of my son’s needs. Thank you Jon!” Lisa (parent) Stroud.