Drumscapes Reviews

Drumscapes Reviews

Drumscapes Reviews

Drumscapes Reviews

The following reviews from Drumscapes performances are from festivals, venues, promoters & audiences.

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“Few percussionists, no matter how skilled, can captivate and keep an eager festival audience with a solo performance but Jon Sterckx’s stunning Drumscapes are a masterclass in control and rhythm that hook the audiences from the first beats and carry them through to an invariably ecstatic climax.
Centred on the tabla, darabuka and riq (a Middle Eastern tambourine) Jon combines beats and rhythms from across the globe with cutting edge sampling and innovative vocal sculpting, building layered soundscapes that mix the experimental with the traditional and creating a uniquely intoxicating, exhilarating and, many say, trance inducing performance quite unlike any other.” Musicport Festival 2015.

“Jon provides a unique journey through all quarters of the world built around his inter-continental range of drums: tablas, riq, darabuka, vocal percussion, and much more! He is the creator of magnificent soundscapes that will transport you into an unmissable musical nirvana!” – DJ Ritu – DJ, radio presenter, world music pioneer.

“This infectious and uplifting show is a masterclass in rhythm and control – whilst at the same time being a chance for the crowd to let themselves go and throw themselves into the wonderful world of movement and dance.” – John Bownas / Beautiful Days Festival.

“It was night of layered sounds and textures that transported the mind and imagination. Jon Sterckx’s drumscapes were the pinnacle of this sentiment. A revolving door of percussion instruments were played into his computer and spat out with an energising fruitfulness. The permutation seemed endless, the avenues that lay before us boundless and his performance understandably spoke of freedom. With a drum as big as the moon sitting on his knee he conjured up the image of a storyteller. While his sound spoke in a tribal voice that swelled in the pit of our stomachs. ” Alban Low review of Drumscapes + Arhai at Rich Mix, London. For full review click here

“I’m literally being blown away by Jon Sterckx – besides being a multi instrumentalist & percussionist…he is also a voice sculptor! – Maanga Shaanti – co-organiser of Eastern Electronic Festival.

“Thanks for your wonderful performance at the LIAF 2016.” – Jyotsna Srikanth, Artistic Director, London International Arts Festival.

“BRILLIANT evening with Samswara and Drumscapes! Only impending heart surgery prevented me from dancing my socks off! More please!”

“That was really good, and very different”

“Never heard the tabla played like that before, he’s brilliant”

“Wonderful evening. Excellent”

“Some of the comments from a very appreciative audience who booked for the double-bill of Samswara and Drumscapes here at the Acorn in Penzance. There were lots of other comments similar to the above, everyone had a really great night, lots of people dancing and everyone said they would come back again. Excellent nights entertainment.” Jeremy Holloway – The Acorn, Penzance, Cornwall.

“Jon Sterckx – Drumscapes – This gifted drummer, percussionist and tabla player has performed in a variety of styles and formats, including contemporary fusion and Indian classical. Using a wide range of instruments, samples and vocals, his energetic and idiosyncratic soundscapes exist where tradition meets experimentation. Tongue Twister relies on a vocal phrase for it’s rhythmic base yet accentuates it’s electronic components, making for a rewarding final production. Res09 has a metallic feel, Undercurrent highlights Eastern flavours and the last track, Rack – It, has the makings of a rave classic. Fascinating.” Musician magazine, Summer 2010.

“Thanks so much for playing at our night for RESPECT – I thought you were amazing – a hypnotic, almost trance-inducing performance. You certainly had the audience hooked. Hope to have you play at another of our events sometime!” – Sound Gallery, Exeter. ( from Exeter Respect Festival performance)

“Thanks for coming down Jon and performing, your performance was amazing!!!!” – Imran Iqbal – Cardiff Mela Organiser.

“Drumscapes produces spectacular electro-tabla live sampling performances with all instruments played, sampled and processed on stage. Fusing Indian tabla with Middle Eastern & West African traditions its like nothing you’ve heard on the dancefloor before”. – Band On The Wall, Manchester.

“A highly energised exciting performance, which hooked the audience from the first beat ” – Kevin Johnson, Barbican Theatre, Plymouth.

“…Jon Sterckx with his array of North African, Indian and Arabic percussion which he samples, loops and builds into original soundscapes second-to-none.” – Paul Giblin, Future Sounds Of Exeter / Phonic FM.

“A stunning performance that excites the very deepest natural love of music. The strong beats and vibrant array of instruments and effects makes every piece a joy to listen to” – audience comment.

“It’s well worth hearing Jon Sterckx live. His music brings together an amazing mix of cool grooves, beautiful melodies and virtuosic percussion playing. I wish he played in London more often!” – Charlotte Caird, The Forge, Camden.

“I felt a surge of excitement as I watched your deep confidence with your instruments and felt the rhythms building around me” – audience comment.

“Thank you so much for coming down and performing for us, you really helped in bringing the evening alive!” – Wellington School Fundraising Event.

“Jon’s performance was fascinating,. . . and his rhythms and melodies I found intruiging, almost hypnotic and very catchy! . . . . Looking forward to the next performance.”- audience comment.

“Jon played at The Grand Pavilion last week and everyone was completely blown away by his wonderful percussive performance. Everyone danced- his beat was infectious and uplifting. I would thoroughly recommend him!” – TracyEvans – Arts For the Earth event Organiser.

“Thanks very much or your wonderful performance on Friday night. It was really enjoyed by us all.” – Margaret Minhinnick – Director, Sustainable Wales.

“enjoyed your set, you got everyone up and dancing” – audience comment.

“Talented percussionist Jon Sterckx was outstanding on tabla, and a longer solo from him would have
been welcome.” Pippa Howell – Festival review July 2003

“I have booked Jon Sterckx many times to perform at Exeter Respect Festival, the city’s annual celebration of diversity. Jon has performed solo, in a duo and in larger groups and has always been nothing short of excellent. He has been easy to work with and his performances have been of the highest quality, combining great musical skill with technical expertise, and creating percussive soundscapes which have always enthralled our diverse audiences. I thoroughly recommend him.” – Paul Giblin ( Exeter Respect Festival)

“Ecstatic!” – audience comment.

From the TEDxWarwick team:
“Jon Sterckxʼs performance brought a whole new dynamic to our event, it was stimulating and inspiring and the audience loved him. Itʼs a shame that the set was so short.”
“Jon has been a pleasure to work with and we loved having him as part of TEDxWarwick 2012. His performance was definitely the highlight of our event and watching 1000 people get up and dance to “Dhaginatak” will not be easily forgotten! ”

Feedback & comments from the audience at TEDxWarwick 2012:
“The entertainment after lunch was a particular highlight – when the whole crowd started dancing and spontaneously took over the stage!”
“Loved the music session after lunch – Mr Sterckx!”

“Jon Sterckxʼs performance was my favourite part, especially as it reflected the idea behind the video on leadership that was shown earlier in the day!”

“The musical performance just after lunch was well timed and the dancing welcomed”

Feedback & comments from TEDxBrum 2016:
“Thank you so much for Saturday, your set was amazing! Everyone is still buzzing from the day.” TEDxBrum 2016 organiser.

TEDxBrum 2016 comments from Twitter feed:

Comments from TEDxBrum 2016 performance - Twitter
Comments from TEDxBrum 2016 performance – Twitter feed
Comments from TEDxBrum 2016 performance - Twitter
Comments from TEDxBrum 2016 performance – Twitter