Drumscapes Live Percussion Sampling

Drumscapes multi percussion live sampling

Drumscapes is Jon Sterckx’s solo multi percussion project which he has been performing since 2006, with many performances at festivals, Melas, Arts Centres & cultural events around the UK.
He skillfully brings traditional instruments and rhythms from around the world together with 21st Century performance tools, live sampling, vocal sculpture and live audio processing.
Drumscapes is also the name of Jon’s solo multi percussion CD, released in 2010 which is a CD version of the live performance work.

On stage & on the CD, all instruments are played, sampled, mixed & processed live on stage in a synthesis of traditional musicianship and live electronics.

The result is a unique blend of rhythmic soundscapes, bouncy world rhythms & high energy drumming.

Jon has performed Drumscapes at:

Festivals including: WOMAD, London International Arts Festival, Musicport, Rhythmtree, Larmertree, Drum Camp, Beautiful Days, MondoMix, Green Gathering, Kaya Festival, Pulse Festival, Big Chill, Sunrise, Waveform, Plymouth Respect, Exeter Respect, Beat Herder Festival, World Music Workshop Festival, Sonorities Festival – Belfast, Analogue to Digital – Exeter.

Melas including: Cardiff Mela, Belfast Mela, Glasgow Mela, Plymouth Mela, Basingstoke Mela, Swindon Mela event.

As well as performing at venues, festivals, melas and cultural events across the UK, Jon’s performances have been profiled and featured by major music software company Ableton and have also been included in the global conference foundation, TED, with a performance at TEDxWarwick in 2012 & at TEDxBrum 2016.

Jon’s performance of Dhaginatak at TEDxWarwick was selected for their Global Music Project – “In the spirit of Ideas worth spreading, the TEDx Global Music Project will compile and share the best musical performances from the over 10000 TEDx events around the world.” http://tedxmusicproject.com/category/worldbeats/

“Jon provides a unique journey through all quarters of the world built around his inter-continental range of drums: tablas, riq, darabuka, vocal percussion, and much more! He is the creator of magnificent soundscapes that will transport you into an unmissable musical nirvana!” – DJ Ritu – DJ, radio presenter, world music pioneer.

Jon Sterckx – Drumscapes CD (2010)

Jon’s first solo album. These are studio recordings of Jon’s Drumscapes live sampling pieces.
All tracks created using acoustic percussion instruments, vocal percussion and audio effects. Album on CD and / or download. All tracks © Jon Sterckx / Taal Productions 2010. PRS / PPL

Review of Drumscapes CD from Musician Magazine Summer 2010:

“Jon Sterckx – Drumscapes – This gifted drummer, percussionist and tabla player has performed in a variety of styles and formats, including contemporary fusion and Indian classical. Using a wide range of instruments, samples and vocals, his energetic and idiosyncratic soundscapes exist where tradition meets experimentation. Tongue Twister relies on a vocal phrase for it’s rhythmic base yet accentuates it’s electronic components, making for a rewarding final production. Res09 has a metallic feel, Undercurrent highlights Eastern flavours and the last track, Rack – It, has the makings of a rave classic. Fascinating.”

Below is a playlist of videos from Drumscapes performances. Or watch on youtube

Also see www.drumscapes.net