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Taaliqa Indo / Arabic Multi Instrumental Duo

Taaliqa members Russel Harris and Jon Sterckx combine a range of traditional musical styles and instrumental techniques with a contemporary approach to composition and arrangement, resulting in a unique form of “Indo Arabic fusion”.

Taaliqa’s music draws on a shared understanding and appreciation of musical forms from the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent.

Taal is the rhythmic system of North Indian music, Iqa is the rhythmic system used in the Middle East. With a passion for rhythm, Taaliqa multi instrumental duo bring Taal & Iqa together, creating a unique soundworld of ever changing textures, tonal subtleties and exciting rhythms.

Drawing on a range of musical influences including traditions from North Africa, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent,Taaliqa take their audience on a musical journey through intricate compositions & virtuosic improvisation, anxiety, insomnia, muscle spasms are the main symptoms of the high agitation of the central nervous system Buy Best Valium Online, balancing and contrasting fiery percussion with meandering microtonal melodies. Instruments: Tabla, Oud, Tabla Tarang, Daf, Darrabouka, Saz, Zarb, Ghatam.

Taaliqa have produced 2 CD’s – Taaliqa ( 2001) and Matramaqam (2005). Listen / download using links below.

Taaliqa – Matramaqam (2004)

Matramaqam – second album by Taaliqa. Album available as download.

Taaliqa – Taaliqa (2001)

Taaliqa – first album by Taaliqa. Album available as download.

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