Taal Productions – World Music CDs & Downloads

Since 2001, Jon has released Cds on his own independent record label, Taal Productions, releasing Cds of his solo music and in collaboration with other world music musicians.
There are currently 6 CD albums available on Taal Productions label. Listen / buy / download below or on
Taal Productions Cd’s – all £10 + Postage / Cd Album Digital Downloads – £6.99




Jon Sterckx – Drumscapes CD (2010)

Jon’s first solo Drumscapes album. These are studio recordings of Jon’s Drumscapes live sampling pieces.
All tracks created using acoustic percussion instruments, vocal percussion and digital audio effects.
Album on CD and / or download.

Jon Sterckx & Ricky Romain – Kirvani Live CD ( 2006)
Enhanced by spacious church acoustics, this recording captures the beauty and excitement of Ricky & Jons live performance of one of Indian musics most atmospheric and emotional Ragas, Rag Kirvani. Recorded live in The Minster, Axminster 5th May 2006. Album on CD and / or download.

Dhani – Between Two (2003)
Between Two album by World Fusion band Dhani. Album available as download.

Taaliqa – Matramaqam (2004)
Matramaqam – second album by Taaliqa. Album available as download.

Taaliqa – Taaliqa (2001)
Taaliqa – first album by Taaliqa. Album available as download.

Kailash Nishad – Tabla Solo (2001)
Tabla solo in Tintaal recorded live at Dartington Hall, UK. 54 min single track album available as download.