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Indian Music Workshops

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Indian Music Workshops, Tabla & Sitar, Stroud, Devon,

Indian Music Workshops

These Indian Music workshops for schools, colleges & universities are either run as solo workshops with tabla player Jon Sterckx, or can be run together with a Tabla player & Sitar Player. The joint workshops can include a sitar & tabla performance.

The workshops give a comprehensive introduction to North Indian music, through the experience of melody ( Raga ) and rhythm ( Taal ) and the relationship between the two. Workshops can have a focus on Rag Desh for GCSE Music syllabus if required.

Workshops can also include a professional Sitar & Tabla performance.


Indian Music Workshops are also available for Arts centres, festivals & cultural events & can be combined with performances.

Download our Indian Music Workshops information sheet.

These workshops can be tailored to the needs of various age groups and abilities. Available for students from Key stage 1 – BA Music level. If required, for GCSE level we can cover Rag Desh to meet with curriculum requirements.

Each workshop covers the fundamental principles of North Indian classical music and demonstrates their application on two of Indian music’s main instruments- Sitar and Tabla. Through the use of traditional oral teaching methods, participants will learn a Raga – Indian scale and a Taal – Indian rhythmic time cycle and learn how the two are interwoven to create a traditional Indian music performance.

Each workshop will cover:
Tuning & approach to pitch & scale
Structure of a Raga
Structure of a Taal
Indian music’s approaches to composition
Indian music’s approaches to improvisation
Application of oral notation – participation through traditional methods of speaking & singing
Rhythmic syllables & singing melodic scales & melodies.

We have delivered these workshops for over 10 years to schools, colleges & universities across the South West UK – click here to see a list of schools & click here to read reviews & testimonials from school workshops.

“Ricky and Jon delivered a first-rate workshop for Year 10 and 11 pupils in Sherborne, introducing traditional Indian music with obvious enthusiasm and expertise. Our students greatly benefited from hearing live performances, and from learning about the great musical legacy of that country.”
Simon Clarkson (Head of Academic Music, Sherborne Girls)

“Fantastic all-encompassing introduction to Indian music. Virtuoso performers – highly recommended to other schools.”
Mr. John Shooter, Head of Music, Colston’s School, Bristol.

Indian Music Talk
During periods six, seven and eight of Tuesday the 31st January 2017, the three GCSE music classes came together for a talk on Indian Classical music. It was taken by two instrumentalists, a tabla (two small drums) player (Jon Sterckx ) and a sitar (a plucked string instrument) player (Ricky Romain ). We learnt there were two traditions, the northern, Hindustani and the southern, Carnatic. The talk focused on the Hindustani tradition. We were told about the differences between Western music and Indian classical music. In the West our music revolves around harmony whereas Indian music has no harmony and is built solely around melodies. This results in the melodies becoming extremely complex rhythmically. We then moved onto the building blocks of Indian classical music. The tala is the rhythmic cycle of a piece of music and the raga is the scale used. All the music played to us used the most common tala in the Hindustani tradition known as teental. At the end of the talk, we set about making our own piece of Indian style music which they played back to us; it was extremely fascinating to explore the construction the music, a process completely different to composition of western style music. To finish the afternoon we discussed western composers and musicians who have been influenced by Indian classical music; they included Debussy and Yehudi Menuhin. I can speak on behalf of everyone present when I say that the talk was both very captivating and extremely useful for our upcoming exams.
Ally Trowell 5A – City of London School.

“Jon and Ricky visited our school to give a demonstration on tabla and sitar. We had asked them to give us further detail that would help our Y10/11 GCSE boys gain a better knowledge of Indian Music. This linked directly to the special topic area in the forthcoming IGCSE exam. They gave a really interesting and informative session, answering questions and involving the boys in an interactive mini – composition. The boys loved it and made lots of notes for revision purposes. I cannot think of a better way for the boys to experience new music. I have no hesitation in recommending them to any school who wants to run a similar session. I will be inviting them again.” Paul Harrison – Head of Music, City of London School.

Tabla & Indian Music workshop – Pate’s Grammar School, Cheltenham.
“Outstanding – engaging & in depth workshop. Great follow up too – made us want to find out even more.” Ellie Lane, Head of Music, Pate’s Grammar School, Cheltenham.

“The talk was absolutely fantastic! I feel I have a much greater understanding of Taals and Indian Classical music in general and I have been practising the bols ever since!” Student comment.

“The tabla experience was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It opened my eyes to new cultures & world music.” Student comment.

“It was fascinating to learn about a completely different style of music and to see how the tabla were played” Student comment.

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